saintes maries de la mer

Booking fee

The booking fee is charged on all bookings made for pitches and rentals.
These administration costs are clearly identified on the details of your booking and billing at the rate of:
€ 23 including VAT for bookings by telephone or by return mail.
€ 0 for online reservations or online booking directly through our website.


Cancellation Guarantee

Cancellation fees may be covered by the "cancellation of stay guarantee" proposed by the campsite, amounting to :
- For accommodations : € 2.50 including VAT per night
- For pitches : € 1.00 including VAT per night

This guarantee allows you to obtain reimbursement of amounts paid if your stay had to be cancelled according to the exhaustive list below :
- Serious illness, bodily injury or death of yourself, your spouse in law or in fact, your parents or children, your guardian, your brothers, sisters, brothers or sisters-in-law, son in law, daughter in law, stepfathers, stepmothers. By serious illness or serious injury accident is meant any temporary or permanent damage to your physical integrity, medically diagnosed, involving the cessation of all professional or other activity.
- Complications of pregnancy.
- Serious injury requiring your presence on the day of scheduled departure and consecutive to theft, fire, damage by water or natural elements to your main residence or your business premises destroyed more than 50% (certificate of the insurer to be provided).
- Redundancy of yourself or your spouse, provided that the procedure was not initiated before booking the stay.

All these grounds for cancellation must be communicated to the campsite by registered letter with all necessary documents establishing the facts (expert report, findings of police authorities, convocation, medical or death certificate...) upon their occurrence and latest within 3 business days after the loss or the event.

Subject to compliance with contractual obligations, the reimbursement will be made as follows :
- 30% down payment (excluding booking fees and cost of the stay cancellation insurance) in case of events occurring between the date of booking and the 30th day before the date of taking possession of the booking.
- 100% of the amount paid (excluding booking fees and cost of the stay cancellation insurance) if the events occur less than 31 days before this date. During your stay, if one of the aforementioned incidents occur obliging you to shorten your stay, you will be reimbursed the sum corresponding to the part of the stay not completed and already invoiced by the campsite.